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19 October 2013 @ 10:02 am
Always on My Mind 1/1  
Title: Always on my Mind
Author: moviegeek03
Wordcount: ~1300
Rating/Warnings: PG; future fic so minor spoilers for some aspects of season 4/5
Characters/Couples: Klaine
A/N: Inspired by some text messages with Courtney while she was apparently shopping at Blaine’s dream store.
Summary: While moving into the loft, Blaine stumbles across something special Kurt had tucked away, and learns that neither of them has ever been very good at moving on from each other.

Blaine was becoming an expert at lugging boxes up to Kurt’s—no their—loft. However, he was not an expert at maneuvering around the small space inside the loft. As soon as he started taking his boxes up to their bedroom, he stumbled over the ones that Kurt had already brought up. He fell to the floor, his face just narrowly missing the edge of the bed frame.
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Always on My Mind 1/1
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